SolarCoin Blockchain supports KYD - Know Your Device

The SolarCoin blockchain is providing a Know Your Device (KYD) anchor data provenance layer for providing more security when monitoring solar power produced by SolarCoin network certified energy production sensors. This is achieved by sending a specific transaction with known text protocols and information about the physical measurements of analogue CT current measurement devices at birth on the factory floor with specific known private keys that are generated. One affiliate website (Solcrypto) is doing this for their dataloggers that will report to the SolarCoin blockchain.

The SolarCoin blockchain is an Open-Community resource. As anyone may publish solar energy data, a Global Solar Macroscope will act as a decentralized solar energy monitoring platform. This can have two levels of data, on-chain public data, and off-chain private login data for each specific solar plant that is added into the decentralized monitoring protocol.  Some open data can be used at specific intervals for solar power production data according to geographic region, taxes (when billed in SolarCoin) and financial tools (solar energy derivatives and exchange platforms). Some closed or private data can be extended to point to off-chain logins for specific internet layer solar monitoring platforms such as, Enphase and others.

About SolarCoin

SolarCoin was developed with blockchain technology to generate an additional reward for solar power producers. Solar installation owners registered to the SolarCoin network receive a SolarCoin for each MWh of solar electricity that they produce.

This Digital Asset will allow solar electricity producers to receive an additional reward for their contribution to the energy transition, which will develop itself through network effect.

SolarCoin is the world’s largest community-based solar electricity reward program. Its alternative digital currency may be claimed by individuals with solar-powered homes or commercial solar electricity producers. The project promotes the use of clean, environmentally sustainable energy, with the eventual goal of shifting the levelized cost of energy away from fossil fuels. The project has already incentivized 2.100GWh of solar energy in 46 countries.

The SolarCoin Foundation and related affiliates are acting in the field of Blockchain Technology and Digital Assets, with the following related internet sites and companies participating:,,,, and

The Mission of the SolarCoin Foundation is to help deliver more Solar Energy globally, initiate and support the Energy Transition.