Webinar Innovation Series - Focusing on blockchain and solar

SolarCoin Foundation takes part to Webinar Series on Innovation 

SolarCoin Foundation and Advisor Economists took part to Webinar Series on Innovation focusing on Blockchain in the Energy Sector and the Economics around the SolarCoin Digital Asset. The innovation series covers 3 episodes on Blockchain, the SolarCoin Digital Asset, the Nature of Currencies and the registration process to the SolarCoin incentive program.


The webinar series 3 episodes are available to view:

Episode 1: Introduction to blockchain and SolarCoin


Episode 2: Understanding how SolarCoin and other currencies work


Episode 3: How to claim your SolarCoin as a solar electricity producer


Episodes have been hosted by ATAInsights in the week of April 10


About SolarCoin

SolarCoin is the world’s largest community-based solar electricity reward program. Its alternative digital currency may be claimed by individuals with solar-powered homes or commercial solar electricity producers. The project promotes the use of clean, environmentally sustainable energy, with the eventual goal of shifting the levelized cost of energy away from fossil fuels. 

The SolarCoin Foundation and related affiliates are acting in the field of Blockchain Technology and Digital Assets, with the following related internet sites and companies participating: www.solarcoin.org, www.solcrypto.com, www.electricchain.org, www.solarlux.energy and www.electraseed.com.

The Mission of the SolarCoin Foundation is to help deliver more Solar Energy globally and initiate and support the Energy Transition. More than 6 million+ SolarCoins have been awarded to date to solar power producers across 58 countries - enough to power the city of Amsterdam during one year!