Clarification of SolarCoin Foundation & Greeneum relationship.

Global SolarChange is actively engaging in a project called Greeneum. The SolarCoin Foundation wishes to issue a few points of clarification in regards to Greeneum and Global SolarChange.

  1. Global SolarChange are some of SolarCoin’s earliest affiliates, but were not the inventors or founders of SolarCoin.

  2. Global SolarChange is an affiliate of SolarCoin, as such it aids solar energy producers in claiming SolarCoin by submitting energy production data information to the SolarCoin Foundation.

  3. Greeneum is a stand alone project in which none of the SolarCoin Foundation founders has a role or formal knowledge of the project specifics.

  4. No member of the Solarcoin Foundation has sent or reviewed any White Paper and no Agreement related to the Greeneum project has been signed.

  5. Greeneum offered the SolarCoin Foundation an NDA for access to information about Greeneum.  The SolarCoin Foundation did not sign the NDA due to not having proper context of the line of business.

To the extent that the SolarCoin blockchain and digital reward token may be useful to solar projects and companies, these companies are encouraged to participate and integrate SolarCoin.  As an open blockchain supported by open source code, the SolarCoin Foundation can not control, administer, verify, guarantee, regulate, govern or vouch for any projects using or claiming to utilize any resources or assets associated with the SolarCoin project or its associated blockchain protocol or derived data.  The SolarCoin Foundation encourages open projects associated with innovations leading to increasing the production of solar energy.