SolarChange participates to POC in Cyprus

Posted on 01/20/2017

SolarChange participates in Solar Era project Proof of Concept for pre-predictive analysis tools in cooperation with Cyprus Academia and Government



– Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment (DOM)

– University of Cyprus (UCY)

– Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC)



– M.G.Lightning Electrical Engineering (MGL)

– Decision Makers Ltd (DM)

– SolarChange (Solario Ltd)


A main challenge in the scope of ensuring large scale deployment and sustainability of photovoltaic (PV) systems is to improve the accuracy of production forecasting for both large and small systems in high concentrations on the distribution grid. Accurate point and aggregated PV production forecasts are major themes of the research roadmap of many international taskforces and are also in line with the objectives of the Solar Europe Industry Initiative (SEII) for accurate energy yield forecasting, increased flexibility of the power system and deployment.


It is with this background that the Solar-Era predictive analysis tools project has been initiated to enable large scale deployment of PV systems through accurate production forecasting and active grid management, in countries with a high solar resource and a potentially significant PV share of small capacity systems, such as Cyprus and Israel. In particular, the project aims to develop a forecasting solution with improved accuracy for point and aggregated forecasts. The solution will be benchmarked and validated in Israel and Cyprus through a network of ground meteorological stations and monitored PV systems. The end-product will be an innovative PV production forecasting system that will provide to distribution system operators (DSO) an accurate forecast for PV systems connected at any grid location with a target root mean square error (RMSE) accuracy of less than 5 % for single plants and less than 4.5 % at a regional level for both day-ahead and hour-ahead forecasts.


The project is based on a bilateral collaboration of five experienced partners that will greatly assist in materialising its objectives and generating a commercial product that will enhance the competitiveness of their research institutions and industries.



About Solar Era

SOLAR-ERA.NET is a European network of national and regional funding organisations and RTD and innovation programmes in the field of solar electricity generation, i.e. photovoltaics (PV) and concentrating solar power (CSP) / solar thermal electricity (STE). It was established within a FP7 ERA-NET project and continues its activities in a new (Cofund ERA-NET) scheme.

SOLAR-ERA.NET contributes to the objectives of the Strategic European Technology (SET-) Plan by launching Joint calls for supporting transnational projects and is supported by the European Commission within the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation HORIZON 2020.

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