SolarCoin News

ElectriCChain completes Project Macroscope

Project Macroscope - Sunfinder is a new suite of applications from the ElectriCChain project that allows for fully decentralised solar PV monitoring using the SoalrCoin Blockchain. Anonymized data is automatically collected from an owners solar PV system, written to the SolarCoin blockchain, and can then be queried by anyone worldwide with another copy of the Sunfinder code. The blockchain offers significant benefits such as immutable public data and digital signatures to prevent spoofing of system or generation details. Full Transparency. Explanatory Video on Sunfinder can be viewed here :

World's first report on digitalisation and solar published

Smart solar homes, peer-to-peer electricity trading, digitalised manufacturing and high-tech O&M. These are just some of the topics covered in a ground breaking new report from SolarPower Europe. The European PV association has today published Digitalisation & Solar, part of the work of its Digitalisation & Solar Task Force which was set up in December 2016 to assess the opportunity of digital technology for solar PV.

ExelSolar joins the SolarCoin Network

ExelSolar, a monitoring platform based out of Merida in Mexico, joins the SolarCoin Network in granting SolarCoins to solar power producers and installations monitored. ExelSolar joins a growing number of solar power companies into the SolarCoin ecosystem in providing this Digital Asset aimed at enabling the Energy Transition at a Global Scale.

Smart Energy Hackathon - SolarCoin's SolarPi team wins!

The “SolarPi” team mates serendipitously met and matched during a team formation exercise during the opening night of Smart Energy Hackathon in Bangkok. The SolarPi team also drew considerable support from the globaly-distributed Community of SolarCoin members including Solcrypto and ElectriCChain members in Europe and Asia