SolarCoin executed a planned hard fork at block 310,000. All users should update to the new wallets v. 1.5 immediately. See this article for details.


SolarCoin is a digital currency.

SolarCoin is a digital currency incentivizing solar electricity. Spend it, trade it, exchange it. 1pg. downloadable summary

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Solar energy incentive.

§1 SolarCoin represents one MWh of solar energy generated. SolarCoin rewards solar electricity generators both large and small.


A group effort.

Use Solarcoin. SolarCoin holders help produce 97,500 TWh. 99% of SolarCoins to be distributed to solar energy generators over 40 years.


Built on trust.

SolarCoin wallet software is open source. SolarCoin circulation is community governed by the SolarCoin Foundation.


Solar power to the people.

SolarCoins granted in 14 out of 215 countries.


Download a SolarCoin wallet…

Attention: Mandatory wallet update to v. 1.50 as of September 17, 2014


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